Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Whiskey Rocks!

"Ice Melts, Whiskey Rocks!"

When it's warm out the ice in your drink can melt quite quickly and unpleasantly dilute your beverage...to remedy this we have Whiskey Rocks! These sets of nine stones in a storage pouch are perfect for whiskey drinkers who wish to enjoy their libations (quite literally) on the rocks, but they are also perfect for anyone else who simply finds that ice cubes dilute their drinks too much as they melt.
Whiskey Rocks are made of high quality Vermont soapstone that has been carved into cube shapes and is sourced from a quarry in Vermont that has been mined for over 150 years. Their inventor, Andrew Hellman, stumbled upon the idea of Whiskey Rocks after discovering a bag of pebbles in his Scandinavian grandfather's liquor cabinet.
 Whiskey Rocks make a great graduation, birthday, or Father's Day gift and are a great idea for that "difficult to shop for" guy. They are available at all 3 of our locations, and we certainly recommend checking them out as well as our comprehensive selection of glassware, corkscrews, decanters, aerators, and other accessories that will help you enjoy your favorite drinks even more!

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