Sunday, May 29, 2011

Gifts for Dads!

Whether your dad is Mr. Messy or Mr. Fix It, we know he'll love sipping his coffee from these fantastic coffee mugs!
The duct tape coffee mug, available at Whyte Avenue and High Street, takes handy man to the next level!

Feeling Stuck Up?

We just discovered the Stik N' Stay!
This adhesive-free but incredibly sticky pad is simply awesome! It contains no toxic chemicals or magnets and is recyclable. As well, it is resistant to temperature fluctuations and therefore can be placed on a car dashboard or other surface that may become warm.
Eager to see how much weight the Stik N' Stay could handle, we tested it with various heavier objects including this solid plastic hedgehog jewelry holder (which is definitely heftier than any cell phone meaning that you can trust the Stik N' Stay with your phone). The Stik N' Stay makes a great organizer for small office supplies, change, and business cards for the office. In the kitchen it would serve as a handy alternative to fridge magnets.
Available in clear and black, we can attest to the sticky strength of the Stik N' Stay, in stock at all three locations!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Meet Yu-Es-Bee!

"Who said USB drivers can't look pretty?"

Enhance your style with Yu-Es-Bee USB ports! These high quality 4GB USBs add swarvoski crystals, gold and silver plating, and detailed enamel elements to raise your memory storage to the next level. With a modern and sleek aesthetic, Yu-Es-Bees clip easily to to your handbag or keychain.

We think they make the perfect gift for anyone who works with computers or for someone who perhaps doesn't wear much jewelry but likes unique accessories with a bit of "bling"!
Practical and fun, Yu-Es-Bees are totally tres geek chic!

Introducing the Ila Personal Alarm!

Launched in 2008, U.K. based Ila wants to keep you safe.

Ila Dusk personal alarms allow you to set off a siren with tug of a chain causing an instant and ear piercing female scream that is sure to confuse any potential attacker and alert bystanders.

Smaller than most cell-phones and available in a variety of colors, Ila alarms make being prepared easy. They are perfect for anyone who may need to walk a few blocks to a bus stop or to their vehicle in the night.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lovely New Cloud+Lolly Arrivals!

We are so excited about the beautiful new Cloud+Lolly pieces that just arrived at our Whyte Ave location and are soon to be on display at the High Street store!
Cloud+Lolly is comprised of sisters and jewelry artists extraordinaire Laurie and Cheryl. This Edmonton based duo aims to create fun, carefree, diverse and wearable pieces that will add that extra touch to your style!
We adore Cloud+Lolly's colorful array of retro-resin flower adorned hair barrettes and pins (available for individual purchase as well as in sets of three), headbands, necklaces and earrings. As well, their collection of pressed flower pieces beckons images of rustic whimsy. Complementing these, we also have antiqued-finish earrings featuring birds and bicycles!
Great for girls of any age, these affordable pieces make fantastic bridesmaid gifts - a pair of resin flower studs in a different color for each bridesmaid would be an elegant yet fun accessory that could be transformed into an everyday earring after the occasion.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vinturi Wine Aerators: a Perfect Gift Idea!

If you happen to be seeking out a hostess gift, wedding gift, birthday gift, or are treating yourself, we suggest Vinturi wine aerators. Whether you are shopping for a wine conoisseur or someone who is just discovering wines, Vinturi's high quality aerators are guaranteed to optimize every wine drinker's tasting experience.

Vinturi focuses on three key aspects of wine tasting:
1. Enhancing the aroma of your wine, by showcasing both the subtle undertones as well as stronger aromatic hints in your wine.
2. Intensifying the flavor of your wine. Once you have aerated your wine with Vinturi, its distinct flavor will be unleashed making it taste like an even richer wine.
3. Creating a smoother finish after the last sip of wine. Even once you are done your wine, Vinturi's aeration technology will ensure that any bitter residue of an unpleasant aftertaste will be greatly reduced or eliminated.

By engaging Bernoulli's Principle, that as a moving fluid's speed is increased, it's pressure will conversely decrease, Vinturi's aerators create a pressure difference that results in a perfectly aerated glass of wine. 

All three Tin Box locations carry Vinturi products, including red and white wine aerators, travel red wine aerators, and wine aerator stands. We know that once you aerate your wine with Vinturi, you won't want it any other way!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Whiskey Rocks!

"Ice Melts, Whiskey Rocks!"

When it's warm out the ice in your drink can melt quite quickly and unpleasantly dilute your remedy this we have Whiskey Rocks! These sets of nine stones in a storage pouch are perfect for whiskey drinkers who wish to enjoy their libations (quite literally) on the rocks, but they are also perfect for anyone else who simply finds that ice cubes dilute their drinks too much as they melt.
Whiskey Rocks are made of high quality Vermont soapstone that has been carved into cube shapes and is sourced from a quarry in Vermont that has been mined for over 150 years. Their inventor, Andrew Hellman, stumbled upon the idea of Whiskey Rocks after discovering a bag of pebbles in his Scandinavian grandfather's liquor cabinet.
 Whiskey Rocks make a great graduation, birthday, or Father's Day gift and are a great idea for that "difficult to shop for" guy. They are available at all 3 of our locations, and we certainly recommend checking them out as well as our comprehensive selection of glassware, corkscrews, decanters, aerators, and other accessories that will help you enjoy your favorite drinks even more!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Tsunami and Refurbished Arrivals!

Finish off any outfit elegantly with fantastic finds from the new Tsunami and Refurbished lines that have just arrived at all three Tin Box locations!

The Canadian-made Refurbished line blends a refined look with a touch of edginess in oxidized sterling silver, swarovski crystals, and gemstones. Truly refurbished, sterling silver in each of of these pieces is sourced from old jewelry that has been completely melted down to form these new pieces.
A sister to Refurbished, our new Tsunami pieces showcase lovely white, pink, champagne, and grey pearls in dainty sterling silver settings. These truly exquisite new pieces are perfect for both formal and office wear as well as more casual outfits. 

We think that these new pieces make a would cherished Mother's Day gift (for you last minute shoppers!), a great grad gift, or simply a pretty, timeless, and very wearable addition to your own jewelry wardrobe!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Extended Summer Shopping Hours at Whyte Ave!

Beginning this upcoming week, on May 9th, the Tin Box's Whyte Avenue location will now be open for extended evening summer shopping hours:

Monday-Saturday: 10am-9pm
Sunday: 11am-6pm

High Street's current hours are:

Monday-Wednesday: 10am-6pm
Thursday: 10am-9pm
Friday-Saturday: 10am-6pm
Sunday: 12pm-4pm

Canmore's current hours are:

Monday-Wednesday; 10am-6pm
Thursday-Saturday: 10am-9pm
Sunday: 11am-6pm

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More Great Gifts for Mom!

We just wanted to bring you a few more great gift ideas that we guarantee Mom will love!
This summery lime Baggallini bag complements a taupe spring scarf perfectly. And, while we're on the subject of accessorizing, why not add an Energy Muse bracelet? The Baggallini "In Town" bag is available at High Street and Whyte Ave, although all locations carry a wide variety of these lightweight and waterproof bags. You can pick up this scarf at any of our locations. All locations currently carry a wide assortment of airy and bright spring scarves,  so we definitely recommend checking out our selection of scarves! If you are looking for some beautiful new gemstone jewelry for Mom, we think Energy Muse is a great choice! This bracelet is in stock at all stores, and we also carry necklaces to complement. Might we add, Energy Muse bracelets and necklaces are great for layering.
Shown here is the Baggallini "Sydney" bag, in stock at all locations and another great durable and fashionable Baggallini style!
These little guys are a great gift idea as well! They can be used to decorate an interior space or a garden and are in stock at Whyte Ave and High Street. Each location currently has a wonderful and eclectic variety of critter-themed garden accessories and candle holders.
Thymes bodycare line has products that are a perfect way to show mom that you care. Some of their lines include Moonflower, Ambersweet Orange, Eucalyptus and Olive Leaf. Whether you are looking for a product with a subtle earthy scent or something with a bit more floral panache, we are sure you will find one to suit Mom. Pictured are the Moonflower body lotion (which has shimmer!), the Olive Leaf soap, the Ambersweet Orange hand cream and the Eucalyptus cologne, all of which are available at Whyte Ave and Canmore.
These candle sets make a lovely gift and are available at all of our locations in a variety of scents. Also available in this line are candles on a rope. Each of our locations carries a great selection of candles from scented votives to jar candles. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Mother's Day Gift Ideas!

 Mother's Day is less than a week away now and here at the Tin Box we carry a wide variety of Mother's Day gifts that are certain to please! Inspired by our wonderful new kitchen themed window display at Whyte Ave, and knowing what a great cook many moms are, pictured here are a few things we found around the Whyte Ave store which we think would make great Mother's Day gifts!
Bright, fresh and modern Umbra soap pumps and sink caddies add a splash of color to any kitchen! The Poucho Soap Pump and Saddle Caddy are available at our Whyte Ave location.
 Add some Kitsch to your kitchen while protecting your hands when washing dishes with Kitchen Kitsch gloves and this fun kitchen brush, available at our Whyte Ave and High Street Locations.
Treat mom to a cup of tea with these fun themed tea bag sets which just arrived at Whyte Ave.
 Make slicing and dicing easier...or help mom make a fruit salad or smoothie with this handy Bonanza banana slicer or the Stem Gem strawberry stem remover. A good can opener like this Ez Squeeze one can never be overrated as well. These three items are in stock at Whyte Ave.
 These flowery oven mitts and pot holders, available at Whyte Ave and High Street, are sure to make mom smile. Also, the Princess Cupcake decorating set, available at Whyte Ave and Canmore, would surely make a fun afternoon of baking with mom.
Tea towels are always practical gifts, and we carry a wide variety of colors and patterns. The tea towel sets pictured are available at Whyte Ave. Also, the Toast Top egg shaper adds some fun to preparing breakfast, it is available at Whyte Ave and High Street.

Keep posted for more Mother's Day ideas and Canmore specific Mother's Day gift suggestions which will be up on the blog over the next few days!