Monday, March 12, 2012

Jewelry Feature: Dconstruct Resin Jewelry

Dconstruct resin jewelry is one of our featured new lines at the Tin Box. Gorgeous and unique yet affordable, this contemporary line consists of resin pieces with real items (bamboo, different types of grass, and even gold flakes!) encased in eco-friendly resin. Since pictures are worth a thousand words, we'd like to share a few photos with you!
From subtle and elegant to bold and stunning, Dconstruct is an exquisite line you must see in person!

New Product Spotlight: The Gurglepot!

Meet the Gurglepot, a fabulous new product that just arrived at the Tin Box!
Inspired by a trip to Southern France where designer Matt Ellison attended a wedding dinner at which tables were furnished by exquisite pitchers that made a gurgling noise while pouring, the Gurglepot evokes images of long slow evening meals often enjoyed in the temperate southern areas of Europe.
Sleek and contemporary, we carry the Gurglepot in a variety of bright colors. It makes a fantastic gurgling pitcher as well as an elegant piece of decor when not in use, and we think it might also double in function and serve as a great vase too.

Cool Kitchen Picks!

It always feels fantastic to have an organized kitchen stocked with the right cooking accessories for preparing your favorite dishes! Here are a few of our new and exciting kitchen arrivals:

The bamboo butler is an very handy and eco-friendly dri-erase board and keyholder. It's stylish appearance combined with functionality makes it a great product for keeping your kitchen organized!
The silicone "I am a to go Box" is a super-fun container for leftovers and transporting lunches in!
Ever popular at the Tin Box, the Umbra Splat sink strainer is funky yet extremely durable.
This set of three mixing bowls adds a touch of whimsy to preparing those delicious baked treats!
Revisit the classic cute of a bygone era with this salt and pepper set featuring a girl and her puppy!
This set is proof that salt and pepper go together like two peas in a pod!
Fans of the morbid or collectors of unique salt and pepper sets are sure to appreciate this newlydead salt and pepper set.
The "Greetings Earthling" alien oven mitt is perfect for the alien in the kitchen!
Likewise, the "Robo-oven" mitt is conducive to kitchen fun!
This floral classic ceramic measuring spoon set will surely add a splash of color to your kitchen!
You'll be glad you picked the up! Save yourself from teary eyes with onion goggles, also available in green and tortioseshell.
Whether you're more punk or disco diva, these kitchen sponges add fun to washing up those dishes!
What could be cooler than a mustachioed cookie? Mustache your cookies easily with this cookie stamper and press!
Say "see you later grater" with the gator grater! What greater grater for your kitchen?
Even if your parents told you not to, we know how much fun it is to blow bubbles in your beverage. This is easily done with the assistance of the drink diver straw!
Sold individually, these wild cherry wood spaghetti forks are handmade in the US.
Also handcrafted of cherry wood, we absolutely adore this striped salad serving set!