Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why Not Give "My Cup of Tea" a Try?

New to all Tin Box locations are "My Cup of Tea Products"!
My Cup of Tea's Strawberry and Lychee Blooming Herbal Teas (in packages of 6 teabags)!
My Cup of Tea's goal is to offer you teas that fuse a link between the "authentic value of life" and "well-being," that are so fundamental to traditional Eastern holistic medicine, while also providing you with a delicious and high-quality cup of tea to sip.
My Cup of Tea's handmade clear blown glass teapot, crafted from sturdy non-elastic glass and resilient against sudden temperature changes
At the Tin Box, we offer blooming Lychee and Strawberry teas in packages of 6, as well as individually packaged zodiac teas made with flowers and herbs specific to each of the twelve signs. Also in stock is a hand-blown clear glass teapot in which you will be able to see your blooming tea in action!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Juniper Ridge, New to the Tin Box on Whyte Avenue!

Earthy and raw, our new line, Juniper Ridge successfully creates products that will bring the outdoors to your home.
Cedar Incense
Juniper Ridge wildcrafts each and every product while sourcing materials from sustainable harvesting methods and actively defending Western wilderness.
White Sage, an aromatic herb that can bring the scent of the wilderness to your home.
 As well, 10 % of the profits from all Juniper Ridge products sold are donated toward groups and organizations whose interest it is to maintain the integrity and wild beauty of these endangered Western wilderness habitats.

To learn more about Juniper Ridge's vision and products, check out their site:

Monday, August 22, 2011

Jak's Handbags!

As our fantastic new fall collection of Jak's handbags has just arrived in store, we figured it was about time that we shared our love of their wonderful products with you!

As their website states, 

“ A woman can own several handbags, but a handbag can only ever belong to a single woman ”

And, if you're looking for that one unique handbag that will define your style as you transition toward your fall wardrobe, then we recommend Jak's! Utilitarian and easy to wear, yet feminine and funky, our new selection offers neutral fall hues that will look great with your fall attire as the leaves change color and the days get cooler. 

You may be surprised to learn that Jak's bags were actually inspired during a trip to the Orient taken by sisters and designers, Sophie and Karinne Dionne. Based in Quebec, they travel to Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam several times annually to select fabrics and assist in the detailing and production of their bags. When back home in Canada, both designers are actively involved in the development and marketing of Jak's.

We hope that you will have the opportunity to check out these great bags, as style is indeed at hand!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New to the Tin Box Edmonton: Sophia Grace Aprons!

New to the Tin Box in Edmonton are Sophia Grace aprons! Named after their designer's grandmothers and originally conceived in Saskatoon in December 2010 as an idea for a great handmade gift for friends and family, we are excited to brings these "fun, flirty, and fabulous" aprons at the Tin Box!
Our selection of Sophia Grace aprons offers both the traditional 100% cotton aprons as well as salon-style laminated cotton aprons. For the guys, we have the camouflage "man-pron", and for the little ones who are just discovering the kitchen, we have miniature children's versions of the adult-sized Sophia Grace aprons!
Perfect as a gift or to add to your own culinary attire, we know you will love Sophia Grace!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Remember When CD Cards

Whether you were born in the days of Elvis or Michael Jackson, here at the Tin Box we have the perfect birthday card for you!
 Remember When CD Cards, available at our Whyte Avenue and Canmore locations feature a CD with original music released by artists for each respective birth year.
If you are looking for a unique card that is a gift in itself then we definitely recommend checking out Remember When CD Cards!