Sunday, May 29, 2011

Feeling Stuck Up?

We just discovered the Stik N' Stay!
This adhesive-free but incredibly sticky pad is simply awesome! It contains no toxic chemicals or magnets and is recyclable. As well, it is resistant to temperature fluctuations and therefore can be placed on a car dashboard or other surface that may become warm.
Eager to see how much weight the Stik N' Stay could handle, we tested it with various heavier objects including this solid plastic hedgehog jewelry holder (which is definitely heftier than any cell phone meaning that you can trust the Stik N' Stay with your phone). The Stik N' Stay makes a great organizer for small office supplies, change, and business cards for the office. In the kitchen it would serve as a handy alternative to fridge magnets.
Available in clear and black, we can attest to the sticky strength of the Stik N' Stay, in stock at all three locations!

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