Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Tsunami and Refurbished Arrivals!

Finish off any outfit elegantly with fantastic finds from the new Tsunami and Refurbished lines that have just arrived at all three Tin Box locations!

The Canadian-made Refurbished line blends a refined look with a touch of edginess in oxidized sterling silver, swarovski crystals, and gemstones. Truly refurbished, sterling silver in each of of these pieces is sourced from old jewelry that has been completely melted down to form these new pieces.
A sister to Refurbished, our new Tsunami pieces showcase lovely white, pink, champagne, and grey pearls in dainty sterling silver settings. These truly exquisite new pieces are perfect for both formal and office wear as well as more casual outfits. 

We think that these new pieces make a would cherished Mother's Day gift (for you last minute shoppers!), a great grad gift, or simply a pretty, timeless, and very wearable addition to your own jewelry wardrobe!

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