Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Not Just Delcious...Wildly Delicious!

We just received some new Wildly Delicious products in at out Whyte Avenue location...and they're making us hungry!

Wildly Delicious, a gourmet food brand based in East York, Ontario, is available at all 3 of our locations. With more than 10 years under their belts of fine-tuning their specialty dips, marinades, dressings, preserves and seasonings, we can certainly attest that each product they make combines a wonderful blend of unique flavors to add some spice to your kitchen table!

Whether you are seeking to serve up the perfect mashed potatoes for a family dinner using their mashed potato seasoning blend, or are searching out a sublime marinade for a barbecue, Wildly Delicious has you covered! They also offer some wonderful and exotic balsamic vinaigrette bread dippers, which would compliment a bottle of wine for evening entertaining. As well, Wildly Delcious' tandoori seasoning and tzatziki mix will ensure that you serve a perfectly seasoned meals while allowing you to easily diversify your culinary experience!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

We Love the Rocky Mountain Soap Company!

 "Choosing natural isn’t just a trend - it’s a way of life. Every product you find on this site is therapeutic and 100% natural… no fluff, no chemicals," states the Rocky Mountain Soaps website.

We're really proud to carry a wide range of Rocky Mountain's products, manufactured in Canmore, Alberta. Company founders Cam Baty and Karina Birch employ a team of Albertans in their ever expanding workshop who produce each product by hand.

One of the things we love about Rocky Mountain products is that they not only use all natural ingredients but also minimal packaging, thereby reducing impact on the environment in a variety of ways. Moreover, by purchasing locally made products (which also employ the use of many locally sourced ingredients), environmental impact associated with the transport of the product is greatly reduced.

Rocky Mountain also conscientiously strives to produce products that not only smell wonderful, but actually work! They offer specialty soaps and body butters tailored especially to help you cope with the often dry Alberta climate, helping to remedy dry and cracked skin and eczema. Too, they offer a specialty men's body care line available at the Tin Box.

We carry Rocky Mountain products including bath salts, soaps, body and hand butters, cuticle butter, lip balms, and many more! Lemongrass, pumpkin, lavender and spearmint are just a few of the many scents available at the Tin Box.  

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Susan Dean Pottery!

In this blog post we'd like to talk a bit about our wonderful line of lead-free, oven, dishwasher, and microwave- safe pottery - or should we say art?

We'll begin by introducing the artist, Edmonton-born Susan Dean. Largely self-taught, she completes each of her pieces in her studio located on a farm near Caslan, Alberta.

Each of her pieces draws the viewer to instantly appreciate the serenity of the rural landscapes that inspire her, while beckoning not-so-distant memories of simpler times when utilitarian items such as dishware were not mass produced.

Perhaps this quote from Susan sums it up best, "It seems to me that in our ever-increasing cosmopolitan society, there is a yearning to reconnect with the earth and the elements. I see in my customers an often unspoken understanding, but deep appreciation of the natural forces that have come together to create the work."

Susan's pieces are fully functional and stylish in even the most modern kitchens, while concurrently remaining classic and timeless. We invite you to come in and see the wide variety of Susan Dean pieces available at all three of our stores!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Get Wrapped Up in Our Leather Wrap Bracelets!

With only 3 days left of winter, we're ready to say that long sleeves are so last season! So why not decorate your wrist this summer with one of our leather wrap bracelets? Here are examples of a studded wrap-around style and jeweled cuff style we carry at all 3 of our stores. We also carry the wildly popular and charity-minded Humanity brand bracelets that you may have seen many celebrities wearing in style magazines!


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