Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pyrrha Pendants and Rings!

Available at both Edmonton Tin Box locations are Pyrrha wax seal necklaces and rings!
Carpe Diem Ring
 Each Pyrrha piece is cast from 19th century wax seals salvaged by Vancouver jewelry designers Wade Papin and Danielle Wilmore. From their Vancouver studio - which happens to be a historical home turned jewelry making studio - Papin and Wilmore use reclaimed sterling silver to fashion each pendant and ring they create.
Integrity Pendant
Enclosed with each Pyrrha piece is a note explaining the unique symbolism behind each design, from hearts and locks to griffins and ravens. One of our favorite pieces is the "We Part to Meet Again" pendant featuring a scissor motif.
We Part to Meet Again Pendant
Perhaps the charm of Pyrrha is best summarized by the designers themselves in the quote, "jewelers traditionally try to make everything look perfect, but we like to show the maker’s hand. We celebrate the original cracks in the waxes.”

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Picks at The Tin Box!

Here is a display featuring a few of our favorite decor picks this summer! The rustic yellow tulip wall panel adds a splash of color to any wall while the rubber boot vases, available in a variety of colors, are fun if you need a unique vase for your home or for gifting! We also carry an assortment of bicycle-themed decor pieces and we currently also have bicycle earrings by local jewelry artisans, Cloud+Lolly. Also pictured is an adorable cast iron mouse and pebbles featuring bird motifs. Poppy-flower tealights are lovely both for a decorative touch as well as for illuminating summer evenings!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Positively Green Cards!

All Tin Box locations carry an eclectic and fun assortment of greeting cards! From the funny to the scandalous, to the beautiful and heartfelt, we certainly have cards for every mood and occasion!
Unique to our High Street location are Positively Green Eco-Cards. Their mottos are, "do something positive," and, "do something green".
All Positively Green cards are printed on FSC-certified 100% post consumer recycled fibre with the help of an EnviroStar printer that utilizes green power. The ink used in printing them is also eco-friendly and composed of soy. 10% of the proceeds from each card is donated to Conservation International and Climate Solutions.
These cards feature wonderful vibrant graphics and meaningful quotes. On the back of each card is a green living tip.
With birthday, friendship, get well, anniversary, and sympathy cards available in this line, we hope you have the chance to check them out as well as our other great cards! At the Tin Box, we also offer a card stamp program which allows you to receive one free card for every 10 cards purchased.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Mashka Has Arrived!

We are very excited about our new Mashka arrivals here at the Tin Box!
Mashka Silver Double Circle Necklace With  Wire Strung Crystals
Born in Siberia but exquisitely handcrafted in the USA, Mashka's designs blend inspirations from both the East and West.
Mashka Gold Vermeil "Bubble" Necklace With Wire Strung Pearls.
Each piece is crafted completely by hand of sterling silver, gold vermeil, gemstones, crisp white pearls, pyrite, and a rainbow assortment of crystals. In many pieces, crystals and stones are securely strung to appear suspended within their textured hand-wrought silver and vermeil settings.
Gold Vermeil Mashka Earring with Peridot-hued Crystals
With our new collection of Mashka featuring both elegant necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and bangles, as well as larger statement pieces, these pieces are the perfect finishing touch to any summer outfit!
Mashka Silver Teardrop Earrings Featuring Wire Strung Pearls
Eclectic yet modern, with exotic Eastern influences and modern western design, these pieces are truly unique!
Mashka Antiqued Silver Earrings with Multi-Colored Crystals

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Introducing La Mer Watches!

New to the Tin Box are La Mer watches! These fabulous watches wrap around the wrist to create a layered bracelet and watch look that is very chic indeed!
Inspired by exotic locales, Martine Ilana founded La Mer in 2001. Each watch is handcrafted of supple high quality leather in the United States.
All La Mer watches are covered by a two year manufacturer's warranty, as well.
The pictures of these watches speak for themselves: they are gorgeous! We hope you have the opportunity to check them out.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Beautiful Baroni!

New to all three Tin Box locations is Baroni jewelry! Created by the stylish Sarah Baroni, her collections are inspired by her childhood love of layered "gypsy-esque" styles of wearing jewelry that developed into a passion for designing her own unique pieces as she grew up. Individuality and beauty are the tenets around which Sarah designs her jewelry with the goal of celebrating one's personal style and Spirit.
Baroni Moonstone Gold Vermeil Earrings
Capturing beautiful gemstones in sterling silver and sterling silver vermeil, Sarah masterfully creates elegant yest fun pieces. In many of her pieces she adeptly incorporates symbols such as the ohm, the lotus flower, and the tree of life that are inspired by her passion for yoga and preserving the environment.
Baroni Ohm and Lotus Flower Ring

What is most striking about the silver-work in Baroni pieces is its solid and sturdy nature and the use of texture, the mixture of matte and brushed silver with high polish silver and gold vermeil adds depth and personality to each these pieces.
Baroni Sterling Silver Ruby Bezel Pendant
At the Tin Box, our selection of Baroni includes an assortment of gorgeous rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings! We certainly hope that you have the opportunity to meet this exciting new line in person!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Aladdin has Arrived!

New to all three Tin Box locations are Aladdin thermoses and travel mugs!
This warm beverage travel mug features double-walled construction and a securely sealing lid.
Creating high quality, durable, and innovative products since 1913, perhaps you have memories of your mom or dad's Aladdin thermos! In fact, the classic Aladdin Thermos' double walled construction was proven to keep beverages hot or cold for an entire 24 hours.
This stainless steel water bottle is guaranteed leak-proof, has a soft grip lid, and is car-cup friendly.
All Aladdin products are rust-proof and many include heavy duty handles and easy-pour stoppers. The materials used in their construction are environmentally friendly, and they are manufactured with a conscious effort to minimize any environmental impact during production processes.

This lovely flowery thermos is perfect for keeping beverages warm or cold all day.
A great reason to try one of these thermoses or travel mugs is that they will save you money by enabling easy and convenient transport of your meals to and from work or on any other travels! They will reduce (if not eliminate) the number of disposable cups that you use in a day, thereby directly reducing your impact on the environment as well.
This car cup is both microwave and dishwasher safe, and as well as being made of recycled materials, is recyclable.

 Stylish while tested for durability, Aladdin products are guaranteed to withstand heat and cold. Perfect for taking to work every day, or for taking on rugged hikes, we definitely recommend Aladdin!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


At the Tin Box, we carry a wide variety of funky and functional jewelry holders and boxes. As our selection is ever changing and varies by location we recommend stopping by and checking out our current selections as the one thing we can guarantee is that you will see new and exciting products every time you come to the Tin Box!

In this blog post, we would like to introduce you to the Umbra Zoola jewelry holders. These little guys are cool and contemporary in true Umbra style, as well as being adorable! Channeling inspiration from artists such as Jeff Koons, Zoolas will most certainly add style to your dresser while preventing clutter and lost jewelry.
Available in a shiny chrome selection of animals and shapes (including jacks and crowns), Zoolas make a fun and useful gift and are sure to be loved!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Total Bliss!

The Tin Box would like to introduce you to our new line of jewelry, Bliss!
Feather Ring

These scintillating pieces feature finely crafted sterling silver and genuine gemstones of all hues: brilliant red garnets, luscious green peridots, darkly iridescent labradorite and it's glowing lighter counterpart, moonstone, regal purple amethysts, and smoky brown quartz. Capturing the beauty of each gemstone are elegant and detailed flourishes of sliver.
Garnet ring with leaf detail

A wide selection of rings as well as beautiful pendants and earrings are available in this collection. Many pieces feature gemstones, while others feature detailed silver-work. Bliss offers both large statement pieces and smaller more dainty pieces.
Peridot ring with leaf detail

The Bliss collection was conceived after a trip to India caused it's creator to seek out more of the beautifully crafted gemstone pieces that she had found while shopping in India. Started as a hobby with a goal to positively impact those in India while bringing beautiful jewelry to Canada, Bliss' creator's focus is on sourcing high quality hand crafted pieces while keeping them affordable and ensuring that the artisans receive fair pay for their pieces.
Moonstone dangle earring

Every piece of Bliss jewelry is hand wrought in the city of Rajasthan, India, and each piece that is purchased helps support a community of skilled jewelry makers and their families.