Saturday, April 28, 2012

Meet Lenny & Eva!

A new and exciting jewelry line has just arrived at the Tin Box: Lenny & Eva! Inspired by and named after her grandmothers, the creator of Lenny & Eva bracelets and cuffs has fashioned trendy leather cuffs that allow interchangeable charms or plaques to be added to them.

Lenny & Eva bracelets make fantastic layering pieces.
With charms available in pewter or brass finish, it's easy to pick your favorite sentiment and add it to the cuff of your choice.
Lenny & Eva cuffs are constructed of durable buffalo hide and available in a wide range of colors.
Lenny & Eva also offer this men's leather cuff to which you can either wear plain or add slide-on charms depending on your style.
This simple charm features a swallow.
For an elegant look, your choice of charm can be added to a simple braided leather cuff.
If you want to make a bold statement, try one of Lenny & Eva's wide leather cuffs.
Lenny & Eva also offers these lovely charms featuring multiple baubles! They totally remind us of those wonderful silver charm bracelets from the 1960s-70s! Very retro-chic!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tea Forte

Available at the Tin Box Canmore and Whyte Avenue is a fabulous new line called Tea Forte!

The Luci infuser is perfect for brewing both mugs and entire pots of tea.
Dishwasher safe and constructed of ceramic and stainless steel, all you need to do is insert loose tea and twist on the ceramic top.
Included with the Luci infuser is an accompanying tray to capture drips!
Tea Forte's loose tea canisters keep your favorite blends fresh and make up to 50 servings of tea.
One of our favorite blends, Tea Forte's Black Currant tea features black tea blended with the fruity flavor of freshly picked black currants. 
The Pugg Teapot is dishwasher safe and brews up to 24 oz. per pot.
Included with each Pugg ceramic teapot is a stainless steel infuser.
Brewing the perfect amount of tea for two, this stylish teapot is certain to give you a lifetime of enjoyment of your favorite blends of tea!

Welcome to Wedding Season at the Tin Box!

With spring, wedding season is once again upon us, and here at the Tin Box we are looking forward to meeting many new soon to be married couples and their wedding guests as they shop for those perfect pieces of bridal jewelry, additions to centre pieces, and, of course, wedding gifts!
Satya Sterling and Peridot Necklace
 We offer an extensive selection of bridal and bridesmaid-friendly jewelry ranging from the classic elegance of pearls and crystals in lines such as the Edmonton-based Aimee Z Designs and Tsunami, to pieces featuring a fun yoga-inspired contemporary edge, such as our Satya and Baroni lines.
Mad Love (previously Cloud + Lolly) Earrings
Mad Love's pieces make fantastic bridal party accessories, combining whimsical patterns with a rustic brass finish in their affordable line. And, all of Mad Love's pieces are designed and manufactured in Edmonton!
Shiraleah Glass Decor Bowl
Our Shiraleah line of glass decor bowls make great centre piece additions, whether filled with candy, candles, or floral arrangements. These pieces are available in an assortment of translucent swirled turquoise, lime, and alabaster hues.
Tag boxed candles

We offer many different styles of candles in store and recommend checking out our current selection, including the delicate fragrances offered by Bridgewater candles, if you're seeking candles as accent lighting pieces on the tables at your reception.
Bridgewater's "Spring Dress" Large Jar Candle
All Tin Box locations offer full-service wedding registry options, and we are happy to book a personal registry shopping appointment with couples!
And, we also are enthusiastic to offer complementary gift-wrapping on all purchases of gifts in our signature gold wrapping paper!

Monday, April 2, 2012

TOKYObay Watches!

Founded in the early 1990's on the West Coast, TOKYObay brand watches combine casual with classy. TOKYObay's vision was to take the "best watch designs of the classic eras and give them a modern edge,"  and they have certainly done a fabulous job of achieving exactly that while using the highest quality of materials available.
This season is all about defining your style with a statement timepiece that suits you and we feel that TOKYObay pieces make a great addition to any summer wardrobe. Available in a variety of styles and colors at our Canmore location we hope you'll have the opportunity to see these beautiful watches in person!