Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Summer Style at the Tin Box!

Finally! As the snow melts and sun shines later in the evening, summer is beginning to reveal itself once again!

The warmer weather provides the opportunity to switch up your style and try new things in your home as well as when accessorizing and preparing for summer entertaining.

Since we are passionate about creating unique summer styles tailored to your personality, we figured why not offer up some tips outlining a few simple things you can do to welcome the warmer temperatures.

Primarily, in your home, nothing spells summer like whites and tans! Store your darker-hued linens and home accent pieces such as vases in your closet until next winter and try adding a few lighter-colored items to your decor . A textured white ceramic or funky white vase (filled with flowers soon to be blooming in your garden!) can easily add a touch of crisp and fun elegance to your living room. Too, a simple set of carefree white placemats on a kitchen table can brighten up your space for summer.

Once you have selected your lighter colored pieces, why not accent them with a splash of color! For example, pick out a throw or pillow in your favorite bright shade of green, blue, red, or orange and add some vibrance to your sofa.

Adding a few simple, crisp, and colorful touches to your living areas to welcome the bright sun and warm breezes that are almost here will brighten up your living area in preparation for shorts and flip flop season!

To prepare for summer entertaining, it's best to stock up on a few different barbecue sauces and marinades! Bread-dippers make a great snack for summer entertaining too as they require no preparation and compliment wines well.

Kids love home-made popsicles, and we carry popsicle molds. Another fun treat for little ones is to use a fun silicone ice cube tray and to freeze fruit juice in it for a mini summer snack. And, if you're serving up lemonade or iced tea, brightly-colored double walled tumblers do the trick!

Just as switching up a few key pieces in your home can make all the difference in preparing for summer, likewise a few new pieces can catapult your wardrobe into the new season.

With shorter sleeves and more exposed skin, why not try a few bangles or bracelets or layering a couple of necklaces of differing lengths? Nothing shines brighter than a silver-toned bangle on a sunny day. Big hoop earrings also compliment a summer wardrobe wonderfully. Gemstone and crystal jewelry sparkles wonderfully in the sun, and pearls are a timeless mainstay of every season. We also adore a strong statement watch - the ones with rubber-wristbands in bright colors can add a splash to your outfit, and we have a variety of colors in store.

Summer scarves look great with a white tee, lighter denim, a hobo-style bag, and a pair of flip flops or flats! We recommend picking out a summer purse that suits your style in your favorite color then picking out a few scarves that you can switch up with your outfits. Try one plain boldly-colored scarf, a floral scarf, and a paisley or striped scarf as each of these can create an exciting new look when paired with your other accessories and summer-wear.

For more summer entertaining ideas, we hope to see you in store soon!

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