Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baggallini: the Perfect Bag!

Developed by two very stylish flight attendants, Dixie Powers and Ann Simmons, in 1995, Baggallini bags have just arrived at all three Tin Box locations!

 These bags are perfect for avid travellers as well as people simply wishing they had that "perfect" everyday bag. Fashioned from lightweight and water resistant nylon which is extremely durable, Baggallini bags are available in a wide variety of colors from classics such as black and grey to wonderful shades of green and red.
In creating Baggallini bags, Dixie and Ann made sure these bags featured everything you might want in the perfect bag, they have ample interior pockets to keep you organized, are available in a variety of sizes so that you can pick the right size for your needs, are designed with ergonomics in mind to keep your back and shoulders from feeling stressed, and on top of being completely functional are also stylish and modern!

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