Sunday, July 3, 2011

Total Bliss!

The Tin Box would like to introduce you to our new line of jewelry, Bliss!
Feather Ring

These scintillating pieces feature finely crafted sterling silver and genuine gemstones of all hues: brilliant red garnets, luscious green peridots, darkly iridescent labradorite and it's glowing lighter counterpart, moonstone, regal purple amethysts, and smoky brown quartz. Capturing the beauty of each gemstone are elegant and detailed flourishes of sliver.
Garnet ring with leaf detail

A wide selection of rings as well as beautiful pendants and earrings are available in this collection. Many pieces feature gemstones, while others feature detailed silver-work. Bliss offers both large statement pieces and smaller more dainty pieces.
Peridot ring with leaf detail

The Bliss collection was conceived after a trip to India caused it's creator to seek out more of the beautifully crafted gemstone pieces that she had found while shopping in India. Started as a hobby with a goal to positively impact those in India while bringing beautiful jewelry to Canada, Bliss' creator's focus is on sourcing high quality hand crafted pieces while keeping them affordable and ensuring that the artisans receive fair pay for their pieces.
Moonstone dangle earring

Every piece of Bliss jewelry is hand wrought in the city of Rajasthan, India, and each piece that is purchased helps support a community of skilled jewelry makers and their families.

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