Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Beautiful Baroni!

New to all three Tin Box locations is Baroni jewelry! Created by the stylish Sarah Baroni, her collections are inspired by her childhood love of layered "gypsy-esque" styles of wearing jewelry that developed into a passion for designing her own unique pieces as she grew up. Individuality and beauty are the tenets around which Sarah designs her jewelry with the goal of celebrating one's personal style and Spirit.
Baroni Moonstone Gold Vermeil Earrings
Capturing beautiful gemstones in sterling silver and sterling silver vermeil, Sarah masterfully creates elegant yest fun pieces. In many of her pieces she adeptly incorporates symbols such as the ohm, the lotus flower, and the tree of life that are inspired by her passion for yoga and preserving the environment.
Baroni Ohm and Lotus Flower Ring

What is most striking about the silver-work in Baroni pieces is its solid and sturdy nature and the use of texture, the mixture of matte and brushed silver with high polish silver and gold vermeil adds depth and personality to each these pieces.
Baroni Sterling Silver Ruby Bezel Pendant
At the Tin Box, our selection of Baroni includes an assortment of gorgeous rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings! We certainly hope that you have the opportunity to meet this exciting new line in person!

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