Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's About Thymes!

As we have just received a new shipment of Thymes body care products at Whyte Ave, we figured it was about time we talked a bit about Thymes - a line that is also available at our Canmore location.

Every Thymes formulation is skin compatible, environmentally friendly, and effective. Crafted wholly from natural, high quality plant-based ingredients with botanical extracts, Thymes products contain health enhancing nutrients, vitamins and anti-oxidants.

From the elegant floral and feminine undertones of scents such as Kimono Rose and Lavender, to energizing and refreshing scents of Azur and the citrusy Agave Nectar, Thymes has a distinct and diverse line of fragrances guaranteed to please! Olive Leaf, Eucalyptus, Gold Leaf, Ambersweet Orange, Mandarin Coriander, Wild Ginger, and Moonflower include some of the other Thymes scents we carry.

In each of these scents we carry a selection of products including of body and hand lotions, bath salts, colognes sprays and perfumes, hand washes, foam baths, and soaps!

As well as Thymes, we also carry Rocky Mountain Soap Company's wonderful and Earthy lines of body products at our Whyte Ave Location, and Pacifica's vibrant line of body products, perfumes and candles!

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