Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bacon and Cupcakes and Pickles, Oh My!

Bacon and cupcakes and pickles...and maybe more bacon!

Bacon is no longer just a salty treat, it's a lifestyle! Bacon floss, toothpicks and toothpaste will give you your post bacon-eating fix if you can't resist just a little more bacon! Bacon balm will keep your lips bacon-y soft, and bacon soap will wash leave you bacon-y clean! If you happen to need a band-aid, sterile bacon and eggs bandages ensure fast healing in true bacon-y fashion! (All available at Whyte Avenue, bacon toothpaste and bandages are also available at High Street). 

Perhaps you're more of a cupcake fancier, in which case these cupcake bandages, dental floss, and toothpaste are certain to satisfy your sweet tooth! (Available at Whyte Avenue, toothpaste also available at High Street.)

And, no fear if bacon and cupcakes don't quite do the trick for you, because pickles are here! Pucker up with pickle flavored toothpaste and lip balm! (Both products are available at Whyte Avenue.)

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