Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rainy Day Ideas from the Tin Box!

It may be as rainy a day as ever, but at the Tin Box we never let the puddles get us down!

Here are a few of our ideas on some tasty ways to savor a rainy summer evening!

Brix chocolate bars are formulated to pair perfectly with the pouring of both wine and summer showers!

Appreciate a glass of whiskey this evening with scotch rocks, just place them in your freezer until cold then allow them to act as ice cubes in your beverage without diluting it!

Indoor weather always welcomes culinary adventures! Why not make fajitas for dinner? Try this Gourmet Village Fajita skillet set, which includes their irresistible fajita seasoning mix!

Gourmet Village also offers a wide ranging selection of sweet and savory cheese ball seasoning mixes and dip mixes that make for perfect snacking!
The Corkcicle is an extremely cool way to cool your wine!

A great appetizer or after-dinner snack, we love baked brie! Take your brie to the next level with our brie bakers and topping mixes!
There's a reason this tapenade from the Garlic Box is called the ultimate tapenade! You'll have to experience it yourself to find our just how tasty it is...

If it's a movie night, test the prowess of your tastebuds with Dave's Insanity hot popcorn!

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