Monday, October 3, 2011

The Birds of The Box!

It's almost turkey time and the bird is the word, so here at the Tin Box we figured we'd share a few of our fine feathered friends with you!

This adorable turkey timer will help you roast that turkey to succulent perfection this upcoming long weekend, and these owl mugs will provide you with a fitting vessel to sip tea out of while preparing that Thanksgiving dinner!
 This awesome owl mug truly is a hoot! It would certainly make a great gift for an office coworker or any owl appreciator!
 Early is the bird, indeed! And these fun alarm clocks will ensure that you're awake when you need to be whether the birds are chirping outside or not.
 Here are a couple more fantastic bird-themed timers for the kitchen!
 You'll literally be hearing birds with these yellow duck ear buds that combine great sound quality with a fun look. And, why not try out the green owl cord wrapper with them? Distinctive bird key toppers will prevent any key confusion!
The key toppers pictured above feature a flashlight incorporated into the key cap. They are especially handy as they days begin to become darker earlier!

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