Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why Not Give "My Cup of Tea" a Try?

New to all Tin Box locations are "My Cup of Tea Products"!
My Cup of Tea's Strawberry and Lychee Blooming Herbal Teas (in packages of 6 teabags)!
My Cup of Tea's goal is to offer you teas that fuse a link between the "authentic value of life" and "well-being," that are so fundamental to traditional Eastern holistic medicine, while also providing you with a delicious and high-quality cup of tea to sip.
My Cup of Tea's handmade clear blown glass teapot, crafted from sturdy non-elastic glass and resilient against sudden temperature changes
At the Tin Box, we offer blooming Lychee and Strawberry teas in packages of 6, as well as individually packaged zodiac teas made with flowers and herbs specific to each of the twelve signs. Also in stock is a hand-blown clear glass teapot in which you will be able to see your blooming tea in action!

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