Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Susan Dean Pottery!

In this blog post we'd like to talk a bit about our wonderful line of lead-free, oven, dishwasher, and microwave- safe pottery - or should we say art?

We'll begin by introducing the artist, Edmonton-born Susan Dean. Largely self-taught, she completes each of her pieces in her studio located on a farm near Caslan, Alberta.

Each of her pieces draws the viewer to instantly appreciate the serenity of the rural landscapes that inspire her, while beckoning not-so-distant memories of simpler times when utilitarian items such as dishware were not mass produced.

Perhaps this quote from Susan sums it up best, "It seems to me that in our ever-increasing cosmopolitan society, there is a yearning to reconnect with the earth and the elements. I see in my customers an often unspoken understanding, but deep appreciation of the natural forces that have come together to create the work."

Susan's pieces are fully functional and stylish in even the most modern kitchens, while concurrently remaining classic and timeless. We invite you to come in and see the wide variety of Susan Dean pieces available at all three of our stores!

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